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With her rich, dramatic, alto voice, keen rhythmic intuition, and an actress' insight into the fraught poetry of a great lyric, Douglas' performances breathe new life into the songs she loves.  "My dream has always been to sing." 


Nadia Douglas' vocal career has come about almost by chance. For years an actress in television and motion pictures, since childhood she nurtured the desire to sing for an audience, face-to-face. That opportunity came when an open mic performance of  “When will I be loved?” won raves from patrons and press alike – prompting her to pursue her long-cherished dream.  


Whether she is backed by a full big band, in intimate performance with trio, or accompanied by piano alone, Nadia Douglas' reason for singing is always the same; to rekindle the fascination, the enchantment, the excitement, and the magic, that the most memorable songs of a lifetime hold, for all of us.




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